Online Money Making

Business on the internet is more and more important every year and it’s still growing with unstoppable rates! If you want to be part of it, you really can, you just need to decide which way to go and put some effort in it, as a legitimate online money making is usually not a short-term process. In fact, it requires hard work and you won’t get rich overnight. Good news is that you don’t need to spend anything or just a little money to start your online dream and you certainly don’t need to be well-educated or an expert. Your common sense is more than enough. You should also realize that online business is a real business. Sometimes it’s easier, sometimes more difficult, it can take one hour per day or it can become your full-time job, sometimes you have to invest less, sometimes more…, in any case, you have to persist in doing what you want to achieve and even if it seems like it’s too difficult to make it happen, stick to your goals and plans to make it real. Remember, there will always be ups and downs on your way to success, but that is exciting about it! And if others could do it, YOU CAN DO IT!

Legit ways to earn money online from home:

1. Building a blog or online business

Even if it’s one of the most exhaustive ways to start making money online, if you reach a certain point and acquire a good amount of internet visitors, your earnings will be steady or growing depending on how much more work you put in online marketing. If you are an absolute beginner, it takes several months and more to see real results, but ultimately your endeavor pays off! Blogs can literally generate from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month when it’s done correctly. So once you find a niche – a specific segment that interests a certain group of people – and have a certain amount of internet traffic (there are lots of ways how you can drive traffic to your site, for example, SEO, social media engagement etc.), you can monetize it through various channels (primarily advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored/paid posts, paid memberships, your own products or services, subscription etc.). Now if you say to yourself something like: “how to build my own website?”, this is the easy part really… Today’s advanced technology allows you to create a website in less than an hour! So don’t be worried about tech stuff much as there are some great online tools and programs that will explain to you everything about online business and how to start from scratch.

2. Online Jobs

If you are looking for some quick cash and don’t have any money or time to invest in your own business, you can make your living as a freelancer or you can work for a company from home. There are many work-at-home websites and your earnings can vary according to your own expertise and most importantly your reputation and trust from online reviews – this makes a difference! I also suggest you have a simple website where you can brand yourself as a person. If you are really good at something, and it adds value to the industry (tax avoidance adviser is a good example), you can be very successful as a freelancer.

3. Writing articles for the websites or writing e-books

A majority would say that writing articles for big magazines is difficult, that it requires a journalism-school degree or a long-term experience… None of these arguments are true today. If you are writing about something that interests you the most and you know that there are enough people who are interested in the same topic, you can actually become a writer. There are a lot of websites where you can monetize your own articles, but you have to be patient with the money if you are a starting freelance writer. I highly recommend you have your own writer website and present yourself professionally similarly as online freelancers do and you should definitely join some online writers group where your beginner’s questions can be answered from experienced writers.

4. Sharing Economy

According to Investopedia, sharing economy is a model in which individuals can borrow or rent assets owned by someone else. Although UBER and Airbnb have been the best known so far, sharing economy is becoming more and more popular in other niches too (bike sharing, ride sharing, space sharing, useful things sharing…). Inheriting an apartment in big cities like New York or London would be a great piece of news as you would easily be able to rent it out and make a living. But you don’t necessarily need to own a property to make money this way, you can take advantage of finding a decent inexpensive apartment where the rent you pay is lower than what you make on renting it out to others. UBER has dramatically changed the way we travel and it has definitely made traveling more efficient. Driving others is a great idea for some extra income, but if you want this to be your full-time job don’t count on getting rich (you never know what may happen to your car or how many clients you are going to have and there is a lot of competition too).

5. Online investing

If you have extra money to invest, online investing can be the option. A degree in economics or finance is certainly a plus as you should have some theoretical knowledge about investing, but real practice is so different that your education is not an obstacle! To be a successful online investor it is important that you become familiar with the trading platforms, the theory behind it and the daily reports that help your decision-making process. There are so many areas where online investing is possible that you simply cannot be a pro at everything so you should find out what is the most interesting for you to study, analyze and invest in (it could be commodities, tech companies, energy industry…). Constant education about the market you invest in and investing, in general, is vital for your success (there are some cool sites like Bloomberg, Investopedia,…). Right now, if you don’t like words like supply, demand, equilibrium, risk, capital, funds, shares, bonds, analysis, etc., online investing will not probably be your choice.

6. Monetizing your social media audience

There are many stories how someone became popular on youtube, facebook, twitter… so you must realize first that by taking the similar journey you will completely use your anonymity to the outside world and you will have to take responsibility for your online actions. I assume you would like to engage your audience’s interest as a respected person in decent manners so you should choose an interesting topic, have a good style, be entertaining, you should read something about how other people became popular and how our emotions react to what we watch or look at…, and once you are popular enough (hundreds of thousands viewers or thousands of subscribers and more…) you can do something about monetizing part (introducing new products and services, affiliate marketing, creating online courses, advertising…).

I hope this page helped you to clarify how to start your business online.

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